Captive or On Site Hydrogen (“Over the Fence”)

•     Methanol production
•     Ammonia production
•     Fertilizer production
•     Refineries

Merchant Hydrogen

•     Ultrapure hydrogen furnaces for semiconductor processing
•     Annealing in glass production
•     Cooling turbines for more efficient electricity production
•     Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and other plastics manufacture
•     Welding
•     R&D Labs


•     Hydrogen for fuel cell and/or internal combustion engine vehicles
•     Electrical Energy Storage (EES) to help the grid cope with electric vehicle recharging
•     Syn-gas and methanol production with CO for carbon-neutral solution that  works with today’s infrastructure

Electrical Energy Storage (EES) and Distributed Electricity Storage (DES)

•     Peak-shaving, smoothing, shifting to eliminate expensive peaking plants
•     Matching renewable energy production to demand needs of grid
•     Adding value to producers of renewable energy, and so accelerating renewables
•     Backup power for remote telecomm and other sites, or mission-critical applications