In addition to developing titania photocatalysts, Nanoptek has developed two titania pigments that absorb parts of the solar spectrum that normal titania cannot.

We developed Nanoptek Enhanced Sunblock™ for enhanced absorption of UV and high-energy blue light for use in protecting materials and people from their harmful effects, rather than for photocatalysis.  Not shown here, it is a pale yellow-tan in color.

For example, titania is currently used in sunscreen to absorb the ultraviolet before it can reach our skin to do damage.  But the deep blue rays that are not blocked by titania are blocked instead by organic compounds in the sunscreen.  Evidence is mounting that these compounds can form carcinogens in the process of absorbing the blue light.

In the set of spectra at right, the green line shows how Nanoptek Enhanced Sunblock™ powder absorbs nearly all the ultraviolet  as well as the deep blue, eliminating the need for organic compounds.

And because it is titania, it remains inert in the process.

Nanoptek Yellow™
results from a similar proprietary process. It is a vibrant and ultra-stable yellow pigment (we also produce Nanoptek Green™ that is more of a moss green) to color any number of coatings and materials.   And unlike other complex inorganic colored pigments (CICPs), ours contain no heavy metals.

Our pigment has excellent reflection: over 90% in the non-absorbing region, shown in the reflection spectrum below.  This is superior to other CICPs and produces a brighter and more saturated color.  Moreover, its high reflectance in the near infra-red results in cooler surfaces, helping to protect materials damaged by heat absorption, and reducing heat load.

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