Investor examination of an early prototype CSHG.

Series A Investors:

The Quercus Trust  (Lead Investor)

Private Investors

M.T.P.C. (Massachusetts Technology Park Corp.)*

*Shares transferred in 2010 to M.C.E.C.
(Massachusetts Clean Energy Center)

Funding Pre Series A:

N.A.S.A. Phases I and II S.B.I.R. Competitive Grants

D.O.E. Office of Basic Energy Science
Competitive Grant

Private Investors (Convertible Notes)

M.R.E.T. (Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust)
S.E.E.D. Competitive Convertible Note

Nanoptek Self-Funding

Nanoptek is highlighted in John Rubino’s Clean Money- Picking Winners in the Clean-Tech Boom (Wiley, 2009) as well as The Green Investing Handbook by Nick Hanna (Harriman House, 2010).