This “Frequently Asked Questions” page will be a work in progress, with the most common questions added as we receive them from you.  Please email us with your questions, or even comments.  Name, email address, and website are OPTIONAL, but would be appreciated.    We will start off with one that we hear the most:

Q.   So how much electricity does your Solar Hydrogen Generator make?

A. Our Solar Hydrogen Generator does not make electricity directly.  Rather, it consumes electricity with which it splits hydrogen from water, as does a normal electrolyzer.  But by using sunlight and our photocatalyst, the amount of electricity consumed is as little as 1/3 of a conventional electrolyzer.  The confusion is understandable, in that most people correctly think of generators as devices that produce electricity.  Further, if that generator is fueled by propane for example, it is called a propane generator.  But what it produces is electricity, not propane.   On the other hand, companies such as ours that make devices to produce hydrogen, whether by electrolysis or by some other method, most often call the devices hydrogen generators.   It is an unfortunate convergence of terminology that is further complicated when hydrogen is used to fuel an electrical generator.